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Afinitor Chronicles, Ch. 2

Posted May 03 2010 12:00am
Went to see Doc Benzor this afternoon for follow up to the labs and x-ray. The day started fairly well except that now I am sleeping less and waking up at all hours. This morning I awoke at 4:30.

At first, I thought about turning on the computer but decided to read hoping to get sleepy. Well, it worked, at 6 am. Day had broken so at 6:30 I decided to put on the coffee and stay up.

Once Glenda woke up I made a small breakfast of soft boiled eggs and toast to get started. The appointment wasn't until this afternoon so Glenda asked me to clean the windows as they had been spotted by the light rain we had recently.

But before that, I decided to take a walk. My lungs still aren't 100% so I set a goal of walking to the corner and back. When I got back, Glenda was chatting with the maintenance man and I was coughing.

Had to hold a short fence to get my breath and cough up some air. I looked at the pedometer. It said I had walked 3/4 of a mile. Glenda looked at me. Ron looked at me. I looked at them and smiled.

A cough escaped from my chest. "3/4 of a mile," I said.

"Better do half that tomorrow," Ron said.

I stood up straight and replied, "Nope. Gonna do twice that."

He laughed as he walked away and I said, "Have to keep pushing the envelope."

I began thinking how easy it would be to follow his advice and kick back in the recliner. Then I recalled that his wife has been dealing with bronchitis for months. I can hear her coughing through the wall.

She doesn't go outdoors unless it's to see her doctor. She doesn't get any exercise. And Ron thinks I should do what she does. No thanks. Glenda led the way as I coughed on the way to our apartment.

After catching my breath I cleaned the windows. Not really a hard job because we only have two and all they needed was a wipe. The screens though, were dirty so I did those too.

Then I tackled the truck.

I hadn't washed it in months and Glenda had been telling me it needed a washing. So, I pulled out the hose and did it. Man it was really dirty.

By the time I finished, it was lunch so Glenda made a sandwich and chips. They always taste sweeter when she makes them. Then I took a nap before the doctor visit.

I have bronchitis with a touch of pleurisy. I breathe all right but it hurts. Feels like I'm being stuck with an ice pick. Sharp pain then nothing.

The lung met is visible on the picture. We got a copy of the report for Dr. T. Hopefully we can freeze it and kill it before classes start.

So, since the lungs are fine, and because I have received numerous messages encouraging me to keep the bike, I will do so and ride again when this clears up.

Life is looking pretty good right now. Thanks for your support.
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