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Afinitor Chronicles, Ch. 1. Cont.

Posted Apr 24 2010 12:00am
It's Saturday night. It took me this long to update the blog because, even though I fully intended to do this yesterday, we spent several hours at the doctor's and I just didn't get to it. MJL

The SE's are still staying mild and that concerns me a wee bit. People say that the sicker you get, the better the meds are working. I have to keep reminding myself that Sutent wasn't all that hard on me and it kept the cancer at bay for more than two years. So, why am I complaining, I ask myself.

My common sense says I should give the Big A more time to work but my emotions tell me they want it to work right freaking now. My human nature wants to see the little cancer pukes hurled from my body onto the floor where I can watch them thrash about until they are dead. You can tell how much I hate this cancer.

As I said, no real SE's yet. The cough is still here. Glenda is convinced it has gotten worse. We saw Doc Benzor Friday morning and she didn't hear anything. No fluid in the lungs which is good. She got a chance to hear how it sounds when I started coughing and it lasted a full minute.

Dang thing has given me sore belly muscles. Not to mention the cramps I get when I cough a little too long. You should see me twisting and stretching to get that sucker out. Maybe I'll have Glenda tape it one of these days. They are not fun. But I digress.

Doc Benzor put me on a nebulizer in the office. It had steroids in it. I did one before after doing the HDIL-2 and I developed a cough from laying on my back for five days straight, but this one was awful. Next to strawberries, it was the worst thing I ever tasted.

Then, she gave me three scripts for steroids, an inhaler and cough medicine with codeine. The inhaler made me cough the first few times I used it. I'm getting the hang of it now and it helps temporarily. The codeine knocks me out but then I never had any trouble sleeping. The steroids are in pill form and I have to take them in decreasing quantities until they run out. Two days left on those.

They're big pills too so they better work doggone it.

She also ordered a chest x-ray. Now, we've done those before and found nothing. But we humored her and had it done. She said she would ask for a wet read and call us with the results. We're still waiting so I guess no news is good news.

Anyhoo, things Afinitor are progressing smoothly. My strength has diminished a tad as has my stamina. I was thinking that reading it would happen makes it a self-fulfilling prophecy. If they say you're going to get tired sooner and can't pump iron like you used too well then, your subconscious has to make it come true.

Glenda and I took a road trip to Palm Springs today where we walked and window shopped. We intended to go farther and driving through PS was supposed to be a short cut but when we got there, we decided to stop a while. Glenda window shopped while I girl watched.

I do love warm weather.

Before we knew it, the day had gone by and it was almost four pm. Good thing it's just 28 miles from home. Now that we know how close it is, we may do it more often.

And My Glenda can hit all the outlet malls on the way.
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