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Accessing Afinitor treatment or buying Afinitor Drugs

Posted by Velda

Hi, my mum has metastatised kidney cancer.  She was diagnosed in December 2008, and had her kidney removed in January 2009.  There was a complication and she also had her spleen removed.  She was going to be put forward for a clinical trial, however, due to lots of time-wasting and messing around, she missed the window for this.  Because of this, she didn't start receiving any treatment until early May (4 months later) and the cancer had already begun to spread.  She was put onto sutent and taken off 2 months later because they didn't think she was benefitting.  They have basically sent her home to die!

I have read a lot about afinitor on the net, however, this was never raised or discussed with my mum as an option.  How can I access this treatment for my mum, or does anyone know whether I can buy the medication myself.

Thank you

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