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Aaron - Big Brother Love

Posted Jan 10 2011 12:00am
After watching both my oldest boys play baseball this weekend, I want to acknowledge Jaylon's older brother Aaron in a post that is long overdue. Since the day Jaylon was diagnosed, Aaron has taken on a bigger role in life. He was forced to take a back seat on a lot of things and he wasn't given first priority anymore just because he was the oldest. Aaron took it all in stride and never complained.

Aaron got a front row seat and witnessed almost all of what Jay went through. He let Jaylon shave his head, tagged along on those hospital visits, and missed out on playing baseball. Baseball is Aaron's passion and when he played again he played with a deeper purpose. He played for Jay.  Jaylon's wristband is always on his wrist to remind himself there is something bigger at stake to play for. Aaron is now playing 12 year old baseball which is regarded as the golden age in youth baseball.

Jay and Aaron are fierce competitors. They are brothers and best friends, but when they are in a game, be it whiffle ball, Black Ops, Beyblading, card games, or video games, it's no holds barred. They battle to the end until someone is victorious and the other is in tears. They will never acknowledge that the other is better. It's this competitive nature that bonds them so well. They are at an age that they may feel it's too manly to say they love each other, but their actions say otherwise.
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