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A Yucky Day

Posted Dec 14 2009 12:00am

Prepare yourself for a mini-rant.

Why does the damn orthopedic surgeon feel a need to over-book himself? It’s so frigging stupid. I get that some people cancel, but to have an entire waiting room full of people for the same doctor? At the same time? Hello!! Anybody see something wrong with that?? Anybody see the dollar signs floating in front of his eyes??

TB had a 2:15 appointment today with the orthopedic surgeon to look at his leg again - feel free to be done any time, doc! – which is healing just fine, by the way and therapy is going well also. But he gets there and it’s a solid HOUR before he even sees the doctor, then it’s all of a 5 minute visit and a rush to get TB right back out the door. TB let them have it…I’m glad I wasn’t on the receiving end of those comments. Seriously, this appointment was such a waste of TB’s time, not to mention the nice neighbor who drove him today. Grrrrrrr.

Then he gets home and he gets sick because he had taken so many aspirin and other meds without food. He’s simply not hungry. Tomorrow is an appointment with the oncologist. Cross your fingers that it’s not as ridiculous as today. Then he has a dentist appointment on Wed. Then I’m betting he’ll be zonked on Thursday. Nobody panic though, okay? I’m just venting for the two of us. :-)

I’m sure I’ll be in a better mood tomorrow,  but right now I just feel like being pissy right alongside TB. Though I just gave him a massage and he was nearly asleep when I left the bedroom.

By the way? This particular surgeon is arrogant, hates when YOU talk, and always gets the last word. If he weren’t an expert at this particular surgery, we never would have gone with him.  One more appointment with him in two weeks and then he can take his sorry-ass personality somewhere else.

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