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A Strange Discharge

Posted Feb 21 2009 11:36pm
DAY +91 (DAY 231)

WBC 6.4 K/UL
RBC 3.31 L M/UL
Hemoglobin 10.9 L G/DL
Platelets 290 K/UL
ANC 5.06 K/UL

Today was my bone marrow biopsy/aspiration. Everything went really well and I got a very nice surprise. One of my leukemia PA's performed the procedure. We got to catch up on everything and it was really nice just to be able to talk. It turns out that my bones are so dense, he had to take two samples for the biopsy. The first sample was too small, but the second one was perfect for the test. We'll have to wait until next week for the full test results. We're hoping that the ATC will call with the preliminary results tomorrow.

I got to see Dr. Kebriaei today. She told us that I was reacting to the stem cell transplant like a pediatric patient. That was a nice surprise. I didn't think that an adult could have that kind of reaction. I also found out that I would start my childhood immunizations in a year. I'm not quite sure where I'll have to report for those. Another spot of good news was that I could start introducing fruits and vegetables back into my diet. She's more concerned that I have a balanced diet. She still wants me to cook the vegetables for now, but I can start out with thick skinned fruit. The new diet will slowly be incorporated over the course of 30 days. Lettuce has to be last because of the effect that it will have on my digestive system. Think roughage to the nth degree. I pity the poor oranges that get in my way. :)

Now for the most interesting event of the day...

Just after my IVIG finished the head nurse popped in with a strange look on her face. I thought that I was in trouble, but then all of the nurses poured into the room and started singing Hit the Road Jack. I got discharged from the ATC, today! It was a total surprise. No more infusions at the clinic or at home. I have a handful of appointments next week and then we're free. I'll have to report to an oncologist once a week in BR for tests and I'll have to come to MDA once a month to see my transplant doctor. It will definitely be strange to get out, but I can't wait.

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