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A Special Day. A Special Time.

Posted Dec 23 2009 12:00am
Today is our 37th wedding anniversary. When we were planning the wedding, Dad gave me some good advice. He said, "Marry her before the end of the year so you can get the deduction." So I did. We're sentimental like that.

If my bride and I remember what day it is, we'll just wish each other a happy anniversary and exchange a kiss, maybe two. However, My Glenda collects Jim Shore and this year she wanted a piece she saw at the college book store. She actually saw it months ago and kept asking if they still had it. I bought it one day and told her it was sold. Had to carry on the lie all that time. It was meant for Christmas but I decided today was a good reason to surprise her.

I carried the thing in my book bag for two days until I was able to sneak it into the small suitcase in my closet where it languished all this time. Thankfully she didn't need to travel or my cover would have been blown.

Of course, she loved it. She laughed and she cried. I got a hug and two kisses. Think I'll buy a lottery ticket.

I am feeling grateful this year. Don't know why because I usually don't. The holidays don't usually mean anything to me. I guess moving to our own place, finishing college and making it through another year have special meaning so I am feeling celebratory.

Yet it isn't a perfect happiness. We have lost some very important Warriors in the cancer fight in 2009. Here's hoping they are the last and we don't lose any in 2010. Every one waged a grand battle. They inspired us to keep fighting. We must hold them up as examples and inspiration to never give up.

Our condolences and wishes for a happy life goes out to their families who helped them fight the Beast so bravely. May your grief be eased by knowing they are in a better place and undoubtedly are watching over you from above.

Now, as we look to 2010, we should remember our lost Warriors and hold them in our hearts. We should also continue the fight less they will have died in vain. The sadness of losing them will be with us for a time, eventually to be eased with loving memories and, hopefully, recollections of the good times we had that bring a smile to our faces.

Let's try to focus not on their deaths, but on their lives and the love they shared with everyone around them.

As the Christmas day nears, let's also remember the reason for the season. Let's celebrate His birth and give thanks for His loving sacrifice. We should find comfort in the knowledge that the Warriors we lost are with Him enjoying perfect and pain-free bodies. Their suffering is over.

I keep telling people to never give up. And, being human, there are days I want to just lay down and let what happens happen. Eventually the feelings pass and life goes on. 2010 holds promise.

We know it has got to be a btter year than 2009 so let's work to make it so. Set your goals. Take your trips. Plan your parties. Never let the Beast keep you from enjoying life as much as you can. We're all going to die anyway so we may as well go out while we're having a good time.

God bless us, every one.
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