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A Smile 30 Days Wide

Posted Nov 03 2008 9:03pm


Daddy here.

I know I don't interact here on the bunnyblog as much as I might, but I do spy and follow it every chance I get. I especially enjoy reading the comments everyone posts, as it always brings me joy to know that people are thinking about us, and to know that Mom is doing a good job keeping people updated.

Today Vivi smiled at me for the first time since before leaving for Memphis.
Mommy claims to have seen a smile here or there during our time here, but I had not been so lucky to catch a glimpse. But this afternoon, after a "Doodledoodledoodledoo BOOP!", Viv brought the corners of her mouth to her ears and was clearly happy to see me.

I also learned that she loves the sound of my voice. I am currently reading Too Many Curses by A. Lee Martinez, one of my very favorite authors. Apparently I can read any old thing aloud and Vivi is ultra-soothed by my reading (Mom will tell you its the medicine), but I think it mostly helps when I am very much into what it is I am reading. Today however, she had her own story to tell and kept interrupting the story. Then the nurses interrupted, which is what nurses do best.

Anyway we have an early morning of clinic and what-nots tomorrow so I must retire after a late (and depressing) night of football and trips to the airport, but the day ends in Vivi coming back to target house with Mommy and I in the afternoon, something we are ALL beyond excited about.

Thank you for enjoying my post, assuming you did.

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