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a post for Rajiv

Posted Jan 04 2010 4:25pm
I don't know anyone else on R7112, so I am glad you found me through my blog. I just completed the fifth cycle. I take a daily dose of 1270mg for 10 days, and then rest for 18. Did you start the trial after me? My first cycle was terrible but the last one did not feel like torture. So the good news is that it eventually gets better.
I have the same side effects you talked about: GI track discomfort, nausea, lack of appetite and taste changes.
My secret weapon to fight nausea and taste changes is ginger (like the ginger slices served with sushi in Japanese restaurants). Got Hope, a friend I made through this blog, gave me this precious advice. I eat it with every meal and also in between meals.
The other trick is to avoid having an empty stomach. When I don't eat or drink not even the anti-nausea prescribed by my doctor (Decadron, Kytril and Ativan, half an hour before taking the drug) works.
On the last cycle I discovered the perfect snack: shrimp balls and squid balls. I buy them frozen in Asian supermarkets and boil them and eat them with soy sauce. It was more practical than the expensive sea-urchin sushi that I craved on the previous cycle. On another chemo, all I wanted to eat was anchovies...
Oh no, I am telling you to eat anchovies when I hate anchovies! What I am trying to say is that foods with a strong flavor work better for me, because at least I can have a taste sensation when everything else tastes bland.
Rajiv, Good Luck with the trial and keep in touch.

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