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A new study on curcumin and cancer stem cells

Posted Oct 31 2012 11:05am

I’ve written quite a bit about cancer stem cells, especially myeloma stem cells (check my “Myeloma and Stem Cells” Page on the right), so I don’t need to go over the topic again…

To be honest, though, I hadn’t thought about myeloma or any-cancer stem cells in some time…until this morning, when a very interesting Google Alert led me to an open-access article (oh I just love open access!!!) on curcumin’s effects on stem-like esophageal squamous carcinoma cell lines. Ah yes, the expression “stem-LIKE” stopped me, too. But the study explains that these are cancer cells that like stem cells…for instance, they become resistant to conventional treatments and are quite aggressive, as well as being more metastatic…bleah. 

Well, we already know that curcumin inhibits some of the crucial cancer stem cell pathways–Notch, WNT and Hedgehog, that is. And we also know that there have been other cancer STEM cell/curcumin studies in recent years (off the top of my head, I can think of colon and breast cancer stem cell studies, e.g.)…

Playing again!

And now here is a NEW study, suggesting that curcumin targets esophageal stem-like cancer cells:  

Now, truth be told, I have only had the time to glance at this study, so I can’t and won’t comment on it…but I read enough to realize that this bit of news is really POSITIVE…

Now for a quick kitty health update.

Little Prezzemolo is still sneezing and has a bit of a clogged nose, BUT he has been eating like a horse, nah, like a couple of horses!, AND he has also started playing again, which are both incredibly positive signs. Indeed, when you look at this photo (oh he loves playing in his cat tunnel), you wouldn’t think this is a convalescent cat, eh? Yet just a few days ago he wouldn’t even glance at his toys…he was so incredibly weak (slept most of the time)…What a difference from today, when he just wants to play play play, but I have to be super careful not to tire him (and moi!) out too much…

As for Peekaboo, after a difficult, feverish weekend she has made an almost full recovery. Today her voice is back, and, like Prezzemolo, she is showing interest in her toys and has quite an appetite…

Soooooo…a few more days, and we’ll all be fine…(We need a few naps, though, let me tell ya! ;) )

And just in time for Halloween, too! By the way, Happy Halloween, everyone… 

P.S. My thoughts go to those who have been hardest hit by the recent hurricane…Really awful…so sorry…

Written by Margaret

October 31st, 2012 at 4:05 pm

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