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A New Camino

Posted Jan 09 2012 3:15am
"Camino" [cah-mee’-no] meaning road/path.  A New Camino, its exactly what I feel I'm on and I am taking a closer look at my bucket list .  Cancer changes your life completely and forever, nothing goes back to the way you knew it. You have to reinvent yourself and find a new you.

Several months ago I was being interviewed by my friend for a feature on her website and one of her questions was: "When did you reach your norm?"  This question made me think and I had to answer honestly -"I haven't yet."  It takes awhile, its a long road back.

People might think that as soon as you hear the words "you are cancer free" that everything goes back to normal and you are able pick up where you left off. This is NOT the case. The road back is long and difficult. After a battle, there are many collateral damages, side effects (physically and emotionally) to deal with.

Some of us (cancer survivors) barely speak about the aftermath, and the secondary effects that we have to endure after the battle, maybe because we are just so grateful for our second shot at life, that everything else seems like a small price to pay.

Make no mistake, it is not easy to reinvent yourself or to pick up the pieces. It is not easy not to think about the monster that left scars in our bodies and in our minds. Will it come back? We live with the fear of the nightmare every day. I recently read a phrase that hit home"Scars remind us where we're been. They don't have to dictate where we're going"~Unknown.

"A-HA" Moments

By no stretch of the imagination am I a writer.  I didn't even know what blogging was until a year ago.  I'm more the observant, listener type (occupational hazard).  I find inspiration and many of my "A-HA" moments by listening to people.  I believe you learn something, big or small, everyday of your life.

It was to my amazement that I found myself having a lot to say about this disease and my experiences with it.  I wanted to share my ups and downs of my journey back from that dark place.  So why not?  Writer or not, I decided to start this project to share my experiences or perhaps, I'm using it as a catharsis.  Whatever the case may be, I believe that my voice will resonate and will sound familiar to many.

Life After Cancer

There is life after cancer! It is a long and difficult journey back, but I do it one step at a time and when I get there it will be worth it.  I'M ALIVE!!!

"The journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step."--Chinese Proverb. 

Editor's NoteA special thanks to five extraordinary women for giving me the vision, inspiration, "A-HA" moments and encouragement to start this project.  Thank you, Tamika Felder, Rebecca Aguilar, Elizabeth Sena, Shelley Seguinot and Helen Troncoso.

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