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Posted Oct 27 2011 10:01am
36 has come and gone and with 37's arrival Wednesday I realized that things are getting easier.  I don't mean that I've unlocked the secret to mastering new things, but that the simple act of being now fits better than it ever did in years past.

I'm also learning that the middle-aged body is a mercilessly unforgiving thing.  I gave myself a free pass from the diet yesterday and ate those things that I normally eschew.  I managed to get as far as a lunch of nothing but those tiny powdered donuts that come in the glossy white bag.  I had 6 of them and started to feel sick like I'd had too much of a good thing.  After dinner, I had a piece of cake purchased from my local super market.  You know the variety, the sheet cake covered in the kind of icing that never seems to go bad because it's made of entirely synthetic food-stuffs.  Truth be known, it's one of my most favorite things.  I rarely have it because I have no self control.  After finishing a single slice, I asked Chris if he wouldn't mind bringing the rest of the cake to work just to get it out of the house.

Today, I just want to eat oatmeal and salad.
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