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What do Quebec and Australia have in common? Not much, yet

On March 30, reported that “No one wants Quebec’s limited private health insurance.” The small story said that wait times for the procedures...

BCMA’s progressive addiction policy

The BCMA has done something good. It has called for accessible and publicly funded treatment for substance-use disorders and compulsive gambling....

Family physicians and patients need more information about specialists

Why can’t family physicians easily find the best specialist with the shortest wait time for a new consultation? In BC, information on wait time for...

Brian Day gives new meaning to doctors without borders

Medical tourism is the new hope for the North American economy and the health care systems of the United States and Canada. Skeptical? Just listen...

Jeffrey Turnbull, candidate for CMA presidency

Being enthusiastic about medical politics isn’t often easy, but I’m pleased to exchange the pen of cynicism for the pen of hope in writing about an...

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