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I'm 37 years old and have come to learn (much to my chagrin) that babymaking isn't quite as easy as my Grade 6 health teacher made it out to be. Since we're all more than just infertility, I'm also a lover of my husband, my family including an amazing niece and nephew, musical theatre, and... Full Bio
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Words You Love to Hear…

…from your 8-day old baby’s cardiovascular  surgeon:  everything went perfectly. The doctors were able to do a complete fix of the...

Off One Rollercoaster…On to Another

Despite my infrequent postings, some of you have continued to show your support, which is so amazing to me.  Thank you for that. On...

Penetrating the Armor

I haven’t had much to say as of late although I still follow all my favorite blogs as well as a whole new batch focused on kids with...

Just the Facts

So much has happened since the last post in terms of emotions but not terribly much in terms of actual new events that it’s hard to...

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