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Looking for a good organic restaurant in the Stanford area?

Well your in luck because Stanford University is home to it's very own all-organic restaurant! The cool-cafe is located in the Cantors Art Center...
Caitlin M.'s Whiteboard
Apr 24 2009 by David C.
My coworkers and I are thinking of forming a co-ed team.  We have enough men but still need 4 more women.  Game starts end of May and go for about 10 weeks and they're played on Stanford campus.  Let me know if you are interested.
Aug 24 2008 by Niell A.
Hi, Im new here and I have sent and invitation to you to be my friend I hope its ok. Thanks.
Mar 07 2008 by Eno I.

hello, gorgeous ;-)

I think we have a bright BeWell future together ;-) heehee...