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I live in Los Angeles, the capital of Smog and Trying to be Healthy. 5'9, I ignored my physical health for several years, assuming that since I didn't gain weight, I had nothing to worry about. A yoga class changed everything about my energy levels and suddenly, the world of getting well was a peak interest.
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Totally agree.  There is a reason the FDA has a "recommended daily intake" for nutrients; the body can't properly utilize more than 100% RDI. Taking a 2,000% Vit. C for any length of time is not beneficial.

Try EpiCor. It doesn't boost the immune system. It help the immune system balance itself, so that  it's agressive when needed, and passive or suppressed when needed. You don't want your immune system constantly amped up. Leads to health problems.

Jan 13 2009 by whimc

Feb 25 2008 by Mary Ann P.
My name is Mary.  I'm the moderator for the Wellsphere weight loss community.  Thanks for joining us.  I know the fight to lose weight and keep it off is a tough one.
Feel free to post questions, comments and information.  This is truly an interactive community of people who want to live healthier lives.  We all work together to support one another.
I just wanted you to know that we're here to help you attain your goals.  If there is anything I can help with let me know.
Mary P