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Nov 17 2010 by Jenna M.

anyway, i commented this on the blog hoping that you would comment back and suggest ways to help me meet derek jeter..but i saw you never did.

you probably think it's dumb that a fifteen year old girl wants to meet a baseball player so badly, however he is the reason i started playing softball and play for my school. he is the reason i started loving the new york yankees as much as i do. PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE help me meet derek jeter!!! :)
Nov 17 2010 by Jenna M.
i am a 15 year old girl from central Pennsylvania and my dream is to meet Derek Jeter. i was just looking through Google images of Derek Jeter, as i do randomly because i love him !! and i saw the picture of him with a couple of other friends. i want to meet Derek Jeter so badly that i even tried writing to Kim Jones (a reporter for the Yankees YES Network) telling her about my life and how Derek Jeter is my idol. after reading this i was hoping you could help me meet Derek.