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hi I am a 32 yr old that been suffering with lupus for many years now and struggled to get a diagnosed (diagnosed 3yrs) though I think once you have you try and stay hopeful but this last 18mnths have been hell!! :( ... I cannot believe way things have gone but trying to hang on in :).. 4 my son who although towers over me and is my protector so he likes to think!! I'm intrested in anything to do with lupus, athritis, fibromylia , chronic pain, epilepsy ,... Full Bio
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Oct 15 2010 by tremedicure

It is really bad to have lupus. It may take very long time to make diagnosis. So far there is no certain cure for lupus but medicine and lifestyle changes can help control it.

The cause of lupus is not known. Lupus usually attacks your healthy cells and tissues and can damage your joints, skin, blood vessels and organs.  Anyone can get lupus but women are most at risk.

Common symptoms:-Joint pain or swelling, fever with no known cause, red rashes often on the face or muscle pain.