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McKinney, Texas
Hi everyone! I'm a working mom of two amazing kids. In my spare time (haha), I enjoy running, baking, writing, photography, sewing, crafting, and pretty much anything that involves my family. I'm trying to find a balance between my hectic life and keeping a healthy lifestyle.
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Yoga- Natural Ways to Relieve Stress

Oh hai!  I’ve been absent a bit lately.  I know.  My life has been crazy busy. And because my life has gotten so crazy busy, I’ve...

How to Keep Up With Blogging- I suck at it.

Well Hi! Wait…Where the hell have I been?  You may ask. Well.  I really haven’t mastered the art of how to...

The Good and Bad of a Clean Eating Diet

Hi everyone! Well I wasn’t able to post last week.  Sometimes real life jobs get in the way of blogging.  Boo. But… I weighed in...

Back on the Weight Loss Wagon

Oh HI! I think it’s safe to say that I’m back on the weight loss wagon! I weighed in at 158.0 this week.  That is a one pound...

I Think I Found My Motivation

I weighed in this morning at 159.2. I think I found my motivation to get back on a healthy diet and exercise...

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