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Palm Springs, California
Not Diagnosed, I suffer from cold hands when working at the computer.  My right hand, the mouse hand, gets numb.  My finger tips freeze!  I have a blog located at  I am a member of the AOTA (American Occupational Therapy Association) and research ways to keep hands warm at work.  My favorite thing to do is find things that warm up!  I am a computer geek and spend about 8-12 hours at the computer daily.  My favorite... Full Bio
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Feb 09 2009 by Kathleen D.

i love your bio; it made me giggle.

i also work in a cold office in which my finger tips often feel icy -- brrrriiieee.

tho, i also attribute the cold appendages to heredity since my mom, and her mom had the same tendencies.

and, it may also be due to having long appendages making it a further distance for the blood to travel.

don't know.

hey, but you live in very warm palm springs and i live in not-always-so-warm san francisco area.

i think you have me beat in susceptibility.