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Bryan Rosner entering Mr. Universe competition

Am I posting this picture of myself because I think I can enter a Mr. Universe contest (not!) or because I am trying to teach you something...

Food & Inflammation – the final frontier in Lyme disease treatment

It’s been over 10 years since I wrote my first Lyme disease book. In 2014, I completed my last book, Freedom From Lyme Disease. Now, in...

Claritin kills Lyme bacteria! Must read!

Researchers at Stanford have now shown that Claritin, i.e. loratadine, kills Borrelia. Read more here.

FREE CHAPTER from my new book! (From Bryan Rosner)

Hello everyone, Here’s a FREE CHAPTER from my new Lyme disease book. Enjoy!  

GUEST BLOG: My Life in the Lyme Light

My Life in the Lyme Light                   A city girl from Denver learns the source of her chronic suffering… and discovers that Lyme...

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Nov 22 2009 by Melisa Y.
Hi Bryan...I recently ordered two of your books - highly recommended by a friend. I have recently been diagnosed with 3rd stage Lyme disease....this dates back to 2002 while pregnant. I have heard that you had congenital Lyme and am curious as to your thoughts on it. I am very concerned about my children - I have two, both while infected.

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