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Ann Arbor, Michigan
I am a semi-retired pathologist who was a faculty member at the University of Michigan Medical School for 33 years. I have also run a yearly conference about the clinical lab industry and laboratory information systems for 27 years. My blog, Lab Soft News, has been in existence for more than three... Full Bio
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What's Wrong with Healthcare Software; Response to the Fallows Article

James Fallows wrote an article for The Atlantic about EHRs (see:  Why Doctors Still Use Pen and Paper ). You...

Distracted Diagnostics: Is This Really a Problem?

In a recent note, a guest blogger, Nial Toner, raised the issue of what I will call distracted diagnostics for...

Cloud Computing in Digital Pathology: Addressing Some Pressing Needs

This is a guest blog by Nial Toner of PathXL , a vendor of cloud-based digital pathology systems. I asked him...

UCLA Teams Up with Chinese Partner in Development of a New Esoteric Lab

I have posted previous notes about U.S. academic pathology departments and LIS vendors entering into various...

Experience with Autoverification in a Core Clinical Chemistry Lab

Autoverification is the process by which LIS-based rules are used to verify clinical laboratory test results...
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