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Will and Finn's first birthday

Just about this time last year I was sitting in a beautiful labor and delivery room staring out the window watching a blizzard. I was large and in...

A year ago today was the beginning

I can't believe a year ago today I had my transfer. As I look at my two beautiful little dudes I can't help but reminisce about how much it took...

I'm BACK!!! Just a few months late

Introducing William Dillon & Finnegan Bennett. The boys are just shy of 4 months now and doing wonderfully. After being born during an...

Earth Day has come and gone.....

So my much anticipated, much talked about, much believed day of delivery has come and gone. I am beyond happy I have surpassed 36 weeks. I just...

False Alarm Numero Uno

My 35th week began with a trip to the L&D. I was up all night last Wednesday with cramps and nausea and by Thursday afternoon I was counting...

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