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About me: I trained as an occupational therapist, and graduated in 1984. Since then I’ve continued study at postgraduate level and my papers have included business skills, ergonomics, mental health therapies, and psychology. I completed by Masters in Psychology in 1999, and started my PhD... Full Bio
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Better ways to meet the needs of people with chronic pain

I’ve worked in chronic pain management in New Zealand for about 20 years. In that time I have never, ever heard of a chronic pain management...

How much attention to psychosocial issues?

I’ve been asked, from time to time, to give some sort of screening questions or questionnaires that medical practitioners can use in their...

An apology to the Australasian Faculty of Musculoskeletal Medicine

Some months ago I wrote a blog post about fibromyalgia, and mentioned that a group of clinicians seem to believe that psychosocial issues are...

Complex regional pain syndrome: yes, it’s complex

Complex regional pain sydrome or “CRPS” (pronounced CRIPS) is an enigma. It’s complex. It involves different body systems. It’s very, very...

Managing pain is an experiment

I’ve been thinking a lot about clinical reasoning recently.  There’s been a lot written about clinical reasoning, but not as often applied to...

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