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Bronwyn T. Occupational Therapist

About me: I trained as an occupational therapist, and graduated in 1984. Since then I’ve continued study at postgraduate level and my papers have included business skills, ergonomics, mental health therapies, and psychology. I completed by Masters in Psychology in 1999, and started my PhD... Full Bio
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CBT and other therapy resources

Just a quick update here – this page is the most popular page on my site, so it must serve an important purpose! If you’re looking for...

The wonderful, mysterious placebo

I think one of the most curious phenomena we know about is the placebo – also known as “meaning response” (Moerman, 2002). A seemingly...

Should EVERYONE with chronic pain be treated?

As I pointed out in a recent comment in my blog post about non-pharmacological approaches for fibromyalgia,  ”seeking treatment is, in...

Exercise and chronic pain

One of the most consistent recommendations in cognitive behavioural therapy approaches for chronic pain is for people to exercise. Exercise...

Non-drug approaches for people with fibromyalgia

No-one wants to be told their pain is “in your head”. But given our increasingly sophisticated understanding of pain neurobiology, there’s...

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