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I am a long-term multiple mild traumatic brain injury who has overcome plenty of obstacles along the way. I write about my experiences living with MTBI and talk about how I make the most of my life, no matter what my circumstances. I seek to educate and entertain, to inspire and challenge my... Full Bio
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Missions accomplished… kind of

This year all the Christmas preparations and activities are going a lot more slowly than in past years. Part of it is me, part of it is my...

When nothing feels like it’s moving

It probably is. You make progress… then you hit a plateau… and you hang out there for a while, and it starts to feel like nothing’s...

TBI Holiday Survival Tip: Make a danged list

If you want to make yourself crazy, this holiday season, try keeping everything in your head. It will work like a charm. But if you...

New chapters posted – TBI S.O.S.

I’m pretty wiped out from today, so I’m turning in early. But before I do, I’ll just mention that I’ve updated a couple of chapters in...

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Feb 14 2011 by AmericanNurse34

I'm Emily. I have acquired 14 concussions. Some seen by just a athletic trainer back in the day, others reviewed by nurses in my family and sometimes i've gotten to the point when i know all the symptoms as a nurse, why would a pay someone to tell me what I already know? Have you heard of someone having a TBI as a result of multiply concussions or some very close together? searching for a good neurologist or anyone to listen

May 29 2010 by Broken Brilliant

Andrew -

Did you have this problem before your head injury? Sometimes the injury just exaggerates problems we had before. It's not necessarily the only cause of this.

Is this something new for you? 

May 20 2010 by Andrew
Hi, Im suffering from a mild head injury which i received while i was recovering from a previous head injury..3 years now. I have a big issue with intimacy, Is this common and how do i fix it?

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