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Bridget B.

Austin, Texas
Hey everyone! I am a 45-lb weight loss maintainer, vegetarian, and a marathon runner! I want to show that a runner can be ANYONE-all shapes, sizes, lifestyles, and styles. Also that everyone can benefit from vegetarian meals-whether or not you eat meat! I try to be as honest as possible in all my... Full Bio
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New Blog!!

Hello guys! I’m sorry for being absent lately. I haven’t REALLY been gone…I’ve just been on a different blog! Pavement and...

Weekend of Running

 I did two things this weekend that I had never done before… 1) On Saturday, I cut a training run short. Now, I...

What I’ve been eating…

There hasn’t been much food talk around here. I’ve eating pretty basic things but they’ve been so good, I decided to share. ...

Love Letter to Myself

I love Valentine’s Day. It’s a day that is meant for love. So I am going to say I love you to someone that I never say it to:...

My first race

I was reading Live for the Long Run and came across the Daily Mile question of What is the first race you ever ran? What details do...

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