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I’ll continue to try to make posts here on my blog, but I just started using DailyMile and will be logging my miles there.  To view my log –...

Treadmill Workout

Hopped on the treadmill tonight and did an hour of walking at a 5% incline at 4 mph for a total of approx. 750 cals burned.  I felt pretty good...

5 on the roads

I felt ready to attempt another run tonight to see how my foot would respond so I headed downtown and back for a relatively quick 5 miles.  I...

Plantar Fasciitis Update

Well.. I thought I was finally starting to get over the pain I've been having in the arch of my left foot, but after several runs here and there...

Snowshoeing in the CVNP

    This afternoon I met my brother and Dan Bellinger in the Cuyahoga Valley National Park for a couple hours of...

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