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Brian K.

Atlantic Beach, Florida
I'm a health care analyst and commentator based in beautiful, balmy Atlantic Beach, FL, on a barrier island off the state's Northeast coast. In my spare time, I do long distance ocean sailing.
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Facing Uncertainty: Why Primary Care Physicians Must Act Now

Over the past four months, the germ of a long overdue primary care uprising has sprouted and begun to flower. When  David Kibbe  and I first tried...

Devaluing the Dollar by Trashing Private Health Care

The main driver of the collapse of the dollar is the liquidity provided by the Fed at nominal interest rates, which invites a worldwide army of...

Healthcare industry needs IT jab

This industry lags in IT adoption but a healthy dose of change is being administered. NOWADAYS, healthcare issues seem to be dominating the...

Baucus earns his healthcare industry funding

On “The Ed Show” Monday night I said Montana Sen. Max Baucus had to decide whether he represented Montana or the insurance industry. Tuesday he...

The New Science of Vascular Disease

Here's an important post by my good friend Dr. Bill Bestermann. By  William H. Bestermann M.D. Vascular disease and the conditions that...
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