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Brendon W.

Ottawa, Ontario
I am a 19 year old dude from Ottawa. I am a Graphic Designer and tech nerd. I love computers and music and am looking to change my health.
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Yoga Beginner

I was wondering if there was an easy and cheap way to start learning Yogo at my own house?

Keeping it going.

I have been trying to do this biking 8km for about a month now. I have missed many days, its hard to keep it going. I like biking but at the same...
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Jan 02 2008 by Teresa J.

Good for you! What is the new workout plan going to be?

Things are alright. I need to get back on track and get moving again. I have kickboxing tomorrow. The club's been closed for a couple weeks now so it should be interesting to see how tired I am!

Dec 14 2007 by Teresa J.

Have you had the chance to try yoga? I hope you're enjoying! I love to see guys increasing flexibility and getting all the benefits yoga has to offer them.

Dec 12 2007 by Teresa J.
Great job! I think it's great you're into getting fit! I hope you have fun with it and find an activity you really love :)

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