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Mother to two wonderful children. Ella -age 3 and Joey Cooper- age one. Joey Coop was born with Hirschsprung's Disease. A disease of the colon. He has had two surgeries and is missing 30% of his colon.
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a bump in the road…..

Well right after his 4th bday he started w/ a minor wet cough. Pooping started to slow, maybe because of the mucous. Then just in time for...

Four YEAR old!

Joey had a wonderful week of celebrating with all his friends and family. He’s doing so well, growing, eating and pooping like a champ!!! Its...

Christmas gifts for kids at Cincinnati Children’s Hospital

My co-worker has been sending an email around for a few years with a request to donate gifts to hospitals.  There is practically no overhead...

10 months post Botox (#2) and CELEBRATING

About to go into the holiday season without worrying about irrigations. What a joy!!!!!!!!! Joey is turning four and completely potty...

Should your HD child have genetic testing?

Here is something I read on the Johns Hopkins HD research page. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Is there another syndrome caused by changes in the...

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