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Brenda Coffee

Boerne, Texas
The last 6 years I've had 10 breast cancer surgeries & 8 rounds of chemo. My father died of... Full Bio
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Hello, Again, From 1010ParkPlace!

One of my favorite words is "beginning." For me, no words are more powerful than “In the beginning, God created the heavens and the...

Goodbye for Now

©Brenda Coffee. All rights reserved. The day after Christmas it will be two years since James died, and I’m still surprised he’s gone....

Booker and Verlene

We've all heard that laughter is the best medicine, so for those of you who are struggling with cancer or are simply in need of a smile, I...

It is Well With My Soul

©Brenda Coffee. All rights reserved. Yesterday I attended a memorial service for a friend who died; a loving, well-respected man who gave...

A Chemo Brain, Up Close and Personal

©Brenda Coffee. All rights reserved. (I originally posted this in March, 2010, but I feel the need for a little humor, so I'm running it...

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Apr 11 2012 by Andrea H.
I love what you're doing. I'm a two year survivor and have learned so much from all these blogs and sites. I'm writing my own now, providing tips and hints from diagnosis, chemo and beyond.
Mar 14 2012 by preciousbaby5


am miss precious,contact me back on this id there is something i want to share with u.
thank you.(
Nov 21 2010 by maxthecreator
To me, Brenda,( I just love this name and your work) the best way to prevent disease is acquisition of applicable knowledge before the sickness may set in. A way of dealing with breast cancer is to be inform ahead of time in other to stay healthy through proper diet, regular exercise, sufficient rest, and a positive mental outlook.