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Tavistock, Canada
I am a writer, a mother and a wife. I started my blog Weighless and Weightless as an anti-diet approach to optimal health and fitness with an idea that the success of an individual on a weight loss journey comes from that individual and not from the diet industry and in fact, the diet industry... Full Bio
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Jan 02 2011 by nfld lady

Hi Carolyn,

Wishing you and yours a happy and healthy new year...I have been reading all you articles...I try to reply but can't seem to get back to you on your email address. However, keep up the good work. I just love reading it. 

Pauline Elms

Nov 14 2009 by nfld lady
Hi Carolyn,
Congratulation on your achievements....Your poetry is really nice/good. I love
to read poetry. I get a certain relaxation/calm from it. I am going to go to
your website and vote.
Nice to hear from you and good to know that the children are better now. You
have four nice girls there. Onslo called me the other night and we were talking
for a couple of hours.
Thanks for the picture.....really nice.
Take care
Nov 14 2009 by nfld lady

I don't think you got the one I sent you today. a long informative one....too bad.


Nov 05 2009 by nfld lady
Hi Breeze hope you got my vote....I wrote you a nice long note. Let me know. Take care.
Nov 01 2009 by Breeze

The book is mostly set in starts in Ontario but moves very quickly to St. John's and then to an imaginary little rural community on the Avalon penisula called Blanket Cove.

Nov 01 2009 by nfld lady

Nice. A little part of Newfoundland in your book. Now you are really doing good :).

Oct 16 2009 by nfld lady

good stuff...You know what you want in life. Which ambition are you shifting to.


Oct 13 2009 by Breeze
You were logged on my account honey when you voted so I voted for myself!  Thanks for the vote though! XX