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Tavistock, Canada
I am a writer, a mother and a wife. I started my blog Weighless and Weightless as an anti-diet approach to optimal health and fitness with an idea that the success of an individual on a weight loss journey comes from that individual and not from the diet industry and in fact, the diet industry... Full Bio
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Geoff, MD

San Mateo, California
I'm a doc with a passion for wellness!


Kitchener, Canada


I work for a very large automotive supplier where I lead a team of developers that create and support all of the shopfloor applications. The technology that we currently use is JAVA and C++. I am also a practicing Druid who follows the Norse Gods. Not a common path I know.


Boston, Massachusetts,, FitnessWorld:,, denis[@], online Fat Loss Fitness Coach, Psych., Stress & Wellness Management Consultant Psychologist (M. App. Psych., Clinical, Health, Occupational) interested in workplace Stress & Wellness assessments, psycho-immunology,...