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Life, death and love: seeking light in the darkness by Tami B. September 17, 2014 - Posted by tamilb Love and light give life meaning. Even though ... Read on »
On Paper by Jacki D. This is me. On paper. In black and white. Defined by numbers. Like 1.1 (size of my breast cancer tumor in centimeters), 1 (stage of my disease), 4 (number of lymp ... Read on »
Happy fifth anniversary to Miracle Survivors! by Tami B. September 11, 2014 - Posted by tamilb Raising a glass to five years of blogging! I realized that today marks five years since ... Read on »
Vacation at Rockaway Beach by seabreeze Facebook We had a wonderful time at Rockaway Beach on the Oregon Coast....the beach is something we enjoy as you get lost in your thoughts and can just enjoy yourself with no worrie ... Read on »
Quote by seabreeze Facebook Just a little quote for all of us that are going through tough times.                      This one is so true! Read on »
It takes a village to save your life by Tami B. September 4, 2014 - Posted by tamilb Some fellow advanced breast cancer survivors and I at a recent gathering Sometimes I get ... Read on »
Spooky-Eeky. by Debby Patient Expert Tim was spending some quality time with William while Brianna and I were both at work. When I came home from work, William was very excited. When he gets excited, he tends t ... Read on »
Got a publishing contract! by Andrea H. Facebook I'm so excited to announce that HarperWave, an imprint of HarperCollins will be publishing my book next year. Keep checking back for updates. Here's the description from the ... Read on »
Why I Posted a Skin Selfie by Jacki D. My intention today was NOT to post a no-make-up selfie (or any selfie at all, really) on Facebook, but I did because these photos tell a story of a girl who did not li ... Read on »
Quality of Life Issues by thepinkribbonshop Despite using the baking soda mouthwash and "magic" mouthwash recommended by Dr. Coscio, the mouth sores continued to worsen and multiply.  My weight has steadily decreased ... Read on »