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Harga Hp Samsung Galaxy Maret 2015 by Jennifer Balboni Health Maven Entahlah beberapa hari ini saya sering memperhatikan fluktiasi pergeseran harga smartphone di Indonesia khsusunya yang di bandrol oleh bebeerap ... Read on »
Keeping it real: You don’t always have to be strong by Tami B. It’s OK to admit you’re scared. You might just connect with someone on a deeper level. We’ve all been there. You’re in a social settin ... Read on »
Divine Appointments: Let me count the scans by Jan Hasak   When you ask a metastatic breast cancer patient what is the most troubling aspect of his or her current life,  the answer might surprise you. Fear, pain, worr ... Read on »
Scan update: F*&^ that fortune cookie! by Tami B. Totally tubular! This round of PET scans were not the celebration I hoped for. Sometimes hope is hard. It’s like a muscle that needs e ... Read on »
Do you need a CT angiogram before DIEP flap breast reconstruction? by Dr. C Medical DoctorHealth Maven If you've had several previous abdominal surgeries and are considering DIEP flap breast reconstruction, a CT angiogram may be recommended by your plastic surgeon. A CT an ... Read on »
Update and a Little Rant by thepinkribbonshop Hello all.  Happy Valentine's Day, Happy President's Day, and Happy Mardi Gras!  That should cover everyone!  Yesterday I received my 2nd king cake of the Mardi Gras season ... Read on »
Cancer Messed With My Mind by Jacki D. Today, I sat in a chair with a microphone in hand in the front of a classroom filled with 100-plus first-year University of Florida medical students. Dr. Averbuch sa ... Read on »
A love letter to my valentine by Tami B. Right after we got engaged. He had no idea what he was getting into! This morning I had my PET scan. Before I left for the hospital, I ... Read on »
It was seven years ago today by Tami B. Seven years ago, we were celebrating Mike’s 50th while I was wondering if I’d make mine. Today is World Cancer Day, and it also marks ... Read on »
The “If” word and planting seeds of hope by Tami B. Waiting for my seeds to sprout! It’s the dead of winter and I’m thinking of seeds sprouting. That’s how I’m seeing my life and work th ... Read on »