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Why I Posted a Skin Selfie by Jacki D. My intention today was NOT to post a no-make-up selfie (or any selfie at all, really) on Facebook, but I did because these photos tell a story of a girl who did not li ... Read on »
And the Survey Says . . . by Jacki D. Yesterday, I featured a poll asking, “Which one is the wig?” The results are in. And the answer is: The wig is shown in the bottom image. Tha ... Read on »
Hair It Is by Jacki D. I knew the day my nurse walked into my exam room post-lumpectomy and pathology with wig catalogue in hand that I would receive chemo for breast cancer. I was deva ... Read on »
Why I take care of myself by Tami B. August 27, 2014 - Posted by tamilb My cat AJ; now he's living the life of Riley! Today I was talking to another cancer sur ... Read on »
The Latest from the Cancer Front by thepinkribbonshop My long-awaited appointment with Dr. M to discuss getting on a clinical trial finally happened a couple of weeks ago!  After a VERY long wait to see the doctor, what she pr ... Read on »
Working... by Debby Patient Expert There has not been a lot of time for writing. I'm busy, but enjoying meeting people. I'm beginning to realize that I was probably dealing with depression for the last year. ... Read on »
Company spreading awareness, advancing research for metastatic breast cancer by Tami B. August 21, 2014 - Posted by tamilb I love NY and the great cancer drug developments for MBC! Last week I had a bit of an adv ... Read on »
*splutter* *gasp!* I'm t ... by Debby Patient Expert *splutter* *gasp!* I'm treading water at a furious pace, but so far am keeping my nose above the surface. Yay me! Read on »
Discoid Meniscus — and a Tear in the meniscus by Nanay's daughter So, the orthopaedic surgeon’s initial diagnosis was right. According to the MRI, I indeed have a meniscus tear. But its very small– which normal would heal on its own and ... Read on »
MOVING ON by Sandi W. Patient Expert Dear new and old blog readers, I'm pretty much finished with this blog. I've started two new ones, but haven't yet posted on them. I'll let you know in this space. To read ... Read on »