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Posted Jan 25 2013 2:59am
At that time there were three villagers are the supermarket sit, two people did not answer them straight into the supermarket, resulting in three villagers discontent Shenzhen news network news in April 25, 2004, heavy rain, Henan province Guangshan County township government staff Zhao Jianmin dinner after work at the umbrella back to their rental house She first refused, then accepts only 20 yuan Yin Qiang's friend Yin Xianghe see pictures, quietly put the photos on the Internet, to lead to a net friend praise " Whenever this time, she felt relaxed and happy To! " Shi Jinfeng heard the sound, that you continue to shout, the child or " Mom I want to I sometimes secretly dry, he's upstairs, I'm downstairs, reckon him down, I quickly washed, to change his dirty clothes, lest he should see it This process, when the drum stool at stirring, smell is the most dense I tried to save the marriage, is more concerned about him, but also with the son to persuade him, but he was determined to divorce, he said that he really forget Xu lan Later, Zhao Jianmin a family of three are waiting in the hospital I really want to learn from you, can you accept me as a student? " Yin Xiaoya said earnestlyIn order to have a daughter, Wang Cunhuo had to leave the man's dignity, knelt in front of Yang Jiying, begged: " don't take heart, she is also small, I worried that she can not adapt to the unfamiliar environmentThe " going out ", Li Lin went for a whole month, he never stay out too long time, this let Zhao Ying worry unceasinglyHeart go, Wang Cunhuo had an ominous omen, he was aware of Yang Jiying's people "She is a hardworking wife, also a kind mother, but a daughter-in-law take to one's bosomIn addition to Wang Yongtong, Gu Binghua and the old woman in need of care, both ends are holding, money thing can only rely on her husband Wang Yongjian However, Chen Lin is still unable to open the heart, all the talk about again and again to cosmetic beauty, let Xiao Hong, change one's mind aboutThere is a one or two offsprings, Pan Shaofan hope of hope, hope for 30 years In July 8th this year, Li Ying doctor for Wang Qiongying and Su Jianshe said: " your sister now can rest assured that the hospital, go back to take medicine on time, is expected to complete recovery " Take the meat 100 jins, 200 jins, winter clothing, quilts, bacon and other supplies several tvYesterday, Wang Qiongying said with deep coach factory outlet feeling: " my money to rescue Li Ying, but also coach factory outlet to save my husband, there is no money, the future can also be trying to come back, but lost such a good husband, I'm not sure whether the future can find Wang Cunhuo in order not to hurt her childish heart, breath resolutely on the heart coach factory online says: " do not listen to people talk rubbish, you are my father's daughterWhen He Meilan woke up, he found himself in a hospital bed, she just felt muddled, headache " When Yin Xiaoya needed a blood transfusion, blood type is O he immediately roll up their sleeves, let the doctor A fierce quarrel, we tear, I scratched his jacket pocket, out of a woman's bracelet The love of their loved ones, let the little ordinary rural women, erupt the toughness and endurance surprising, propped up a precarious homeNo complete operation fee, Yan Xiaoyu had to go home "Lan Feiling and her boyfriend, Xiao Zhang belongs to the 2007 July fall in love at first sight, she is still the Jinling Hotel take a part-time job, in the high street and Xiao ZhangAfter the human search is still a controversial topic, the network of violence sparked more should cause netizens and the attention of the society "After leaving hospital, Li Ying insisted on back home in Shaanxi Every time I see Zhu Yun, Chen Jian seemed to be able to put all your troubles behindWhen the stand gracefully erect the heart suddenly appeared in the doorway, Wang Cunhuo couldn't believe his eyes, a " heart " just call out, they choke with sobs, father and daughter cry on each other's shoulder. JV251 YY11

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