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Whole new meaning to "Pain in the ass!"

Posted Aug 25 2008 3:11pm
My ass feels achy and sore. Yes! My ass. It aches deep inside and feels like it's in the nerves. It hurts to just lay here. This gives a whole new meaning to "Pain in the ass." It also aches at different points down my legs but the ass is the worst.

The Tylenol controlled my fever last night. Temp is spiking again tonight so just took some more to try to cut it to the chase. Seems to only spike in the evening. Maybe the Tylenol will ease some of the "Pain in my ass" as well?

Nausea is still there but not as bad as with the Big Guns. Appetite is real low. Taste is still off. Dr S said the heightened sense of smell and bad taste can last up to 4 months after all treatments so I have to adjust to the idea I could be dealing with this for a long time. (Maybe.)

The interstitial cystitis has come back. Bummer. Must check with Dr S that it's okay to take the meds for it while doing treatment.

Feel like I am falling apart. Something new to bitch about each day.

But there are people suffering much worse than me right now. I could list a million things I would not want to be experiencing.

This "Pain in my ass" is for a good cause: to prolong my life. Some people just suffer with a disease with no end or relief in sight.

I'll deal with my cancer, one side effect at a time, thank you very much. It could be worse."

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