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What is the proper way to prepare BSGI, and what are the after effects? Is there such thing as too much radiation?

Posted by svenrulz

I was in total denial about the very large lump in my breast and probably I waited too long to address the issue.  When I finally went to see the surgeon (a marvelous person) she did a biopsy and confirmed it was cancer.  Then a BSGI and mammogram was scheduled.  I arrived late for the test - the tech was a bit huffy and then she proceeded to gab about her family while she prepared an injection of technitium and then administered it.  The BSGI was performed followed by a mammogram.

When I got home, I started feeling very poorly.  I never felt I was a candidate for breast cancer - I have always been extremely healthy and I have always taken care of my health.  I was shocked to learn I have cancer.  BUT, the radioactive element I was given for the BSGI test was not prepared correctly.  I am not a person who sues, and I would never do that but I am convinced the tech made a gross error.  I used my geiger counter, The Inspector, when I got home and found I was at 4800 rads/hr.  The next day the count was 2400 when I held the Inspector to my throat!

Over the course of the next 4-5 weeks I had the most terrible reactions - first my elimination turned practically white - and the pain I felt was the most excrutiating pain I have ever felt.  It went first to my hips - so painful I could not walk.  The next day it moved to my thighs - hips still very painful - and then to my knees, finally calves and when it hit my ankles, I could not walk.  
After all that, I had the worst day of my life with a heart pain that would not go away.  I was certain I was having a heart attack except it went on for the entire day.  

How frightening this is.  I did not receive any written material about this test or the radioactive isotope used = nor was I told how it was prepared.  It took a very long time to find the site that disclosed the company that markets the BSGI machine instructs medical doctors to prepare the injection and medical doctors  to inject the element into the patient.  This did not happen with me.  I now feel like I am old and I have lost all my fun zest for life because I do not feel well.  I blame this feeling of illness on the idiot who prepared and injected the radioactive isotope when she did not even know my weight.  I was extremely thin when I had that test, and I feel certain I was given too much - obviously from my geiger counter I was. I do not wish to sound as if I am blaming the tech - I think the hospital should be much more careful when dealing with radioactive elements.  I am very concerned about this - not for myself since I have already suffered the experience, but for any other woman who might end up like me - and there is really no one to tell this to.  

When I saw the radiologist who injected the same drug for the Sentinel, I expressed my concern about my prior experience.  She was not at all receptive to my concerns and dismissed me.   I will say that the radioactive injection I got for the Sentinel did not have the same reaction as the first injection.  Somehow this seems very wrong.  
The patient should have a right to read about this element before allowing anyone to inject it and the fact that I had to spend about an entire day to find anything about it makes me really angry.  I was over-treated.  How many others have experienced this same thing?  Why do techs prepare these shots when the manufacturer clearly states the doctor is to do this? 

I would like to know your opinion about this and I am curious to know why this is not regulated better.  My goodness, Class II drugs are better controlled than radioactive elements.  You can find any number of articles about people dying from being overradiated.  Why is the government not taking care of the citizenry?  is this part of the New World Order? I remain totally depressed over the loss of my health.  I do not miss my breasts at all - but I really miss feeling healthy and happy.  It is as if I lost my youth and my eternally happy outlook.

thank you for reading.


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