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what is septic breast cyst

Posted by lisa1974

I recently had a mammogram and ultrasound done. I am being scheduled for a biopsy. I have been told that I have 2 cysts that do not look like regular cyst on my left breast. It seems that they might be septic cysts? I just would like to know where I can go to find out more pertaining to septic breast cysts or what exactly it is. I have had no luck with looking for septic breast cyst, I have found cyst but I'm assuming it is different as the doctor told me that it is not looking as a normal cyst.
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Ask them if it could be drained to analyze the fluid in it before you have to be cut.  I had a breast cyst that they referred to as a complex cyst & they sent me to have the fluid drained & analyzed.  Believe me when I say I was terrified out of my mind.  I have a fear of needles to begin with since experiences in my childhood with them.  Well, I reluctantly went & it is no exaggeration when I say that I was so happy & relieved as well as laughing at myself after it was done.  It was like I was high the joyfulness I had.  To be perfectly honest with you I grabbed the steel corner of the table like I was going to rip it off!  I squeezed my eyes shut & turned my face away so I wouldn't know she was about to do it.  I waited for the imagined torture that would strike & waited, waited some more.  Finally I opened my eyes so I could see a little bit & to ask when she was going to do it.  You can imagine my shock when I turned to see that the needle was inserted already & the tube was half full with liquid already.  I was so amazed that I almost wished that I missed as much as I did.  I paid & left & had to ask every woman I met if she had ever had a breast cyst drained.  If she said no I told her my experience so that if she ever had to have it done she wouldn't have to experience what I had gone through before the procedure.  But ask if they could try to drain it.  A needle the size of one at the dentist is used so you don't feel a thing.  Not even a pinch.  I have felt a fly land on my skin more so.  Honest to God.
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