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What causes a flaky patch of skin on the areola?

Posted by EsgPhD

I noticed a small (7mm) circle of red, flaky skin on my areola about a week ago after wearing itchy lace bra. There is no lump or hard patch to this area. I coincidentally had a mammogram a couple of days after this spot developed that was clear save from some calcifications (which I have had for quite some time, as identified by multiple mammos and ultrasounds, and have been identified as "probably benign" by multiple radiologists).
I have also had both clean skin checks and ob/gyn appointments within the last 6 months.
I am operating under the thought that this is a sort of dermatitis, but am looking for a bit of guidance as to when to act, who to see (derm. vs. ob), etc.
Thanks for any information you can offer.

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