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what are your fond memories of holidays past

Posted Dec 18 2012 7:32pm

With the holiday season here I spend a lot of my time thinking back to family gatherings and the fun we had cooking, baking and preparing a meal together at one another’s home. I used to love this time of year with the shopping and everything else that rushed upon us despite other responsibilitiesfor me it was my day job and dancing/teaching on evenings and weekends. I was usually organized, so I was able to enjoy the season without feeling frantic. Of course, not having children probably allowed me a considerably more relaxed time during holidays.

Part of my fond memories includes dancing through the holiday season both in class and outside. One tradition that most dance studios keep during the holidays is going to skilled nursing facilities and other places housing folks who need a bit more looking after than a family can provide. We would go to two to three every year, so we had a whole program that we would do at each location. It was fun and good experience for the children and also taught them about what it means to do for others. The audiences love seeing children dance. Naturally, no matter how wonderful a performance our older kids and adults delivered, the little ones (our youngest students were three years old) always stole the show. I’m sure that has not changed, and I miss being part of that activity at this time of the year. Yet, I love thinking back to the dances I choreographed and the way the students got so involved in dancing for those audiences. It was a very giving experience for all of our students, and it made us feel as though we were one big family. Like others, the best memories always seem to reverberate an important theme for me during the holidays: family.

What are the memories that you hold dear that may or may no longer be part of your life for whatever reason? Does it give you joy to remember?

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