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walking with a little pace

Posted Nov 27 2012 7:34pm

Southern California is having a chilly day at only 63 degrees. I am cozy inside, however, resting while my sister and brother-in-law do a few errands before dinner on this last evening of their visit. Marvin is still at work, of course.

My temperature continues to remain normal except during my Vancomycin® infusion, which my home health care nurse found a little odd. Again, last night it went up to 99.7 during the infusion and then back down to normal about an hour after it completed. I think it is just my body being sensitive to pretty much any activity as I tend to run a fever any time I am feeling off. Every cold or flu that I have ever gotten has always brought on a fever with it, so I am assuming that this infection is no different, along with the treatment for it.

I am happy to be feeling less sick and more or less just weak, which I am hoping will diminish as I am up and out of bed more and more each day and walking back and forth in the loft. Today three times in a row but with a little bit of pace till I was short of breath. I think that means something good even though my distance is yet lacking. I am hoping that by Friday when I go to treatment, I will be able to walk to the car and maybe even in to the infusion center. At any rate I am working on it.

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