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using the Internet to grieve and remember those who danced into the light

Posted Aug 18 2012 10:43pm

Periodically I write to remind us to think about those who have danced into the light from breast cancer. In honor of them I keep links to their blogs and a list of all of them with their personal information so that we can continue to visit their sites or review the list for the names of our cherished friends.

Through the Internet the face of memories of friends who have danced into the light is changing. Many relatives are keeping Facebook pages alive from loved ones who have passed so that others can continue to leave messages, which they do, like, We’re thinking of you, We miss  you, We love  you. People say that they like this trend, which many do not regard as morbid, because it keeps alive the memories of their loved ones. We can continue to visit their blogs, which have information that is still of value to those who visit, and their Facebook pages, which have photos of them and their families and help family members and friends to grieve and remember.

Increasingly, videos of celebrations of life and memorial services are being recorded on YouTube and shared at various sites, including the loved one’s blog or Facebook page. Many online sites are memorials for our words along with a candle that we can light in honor of our loved one who has danced into the light.

I wonder what others think of this new trend but also hope that we can all open our minds to the new ways of expressing our love for those who have passed. The Internet has opened up a lot of opportunities including the ways that we grieve and continue to remember those who will continue to be dear to us long after they have danced into the light.

Have you visited a blog or posted on the Facebook wall of someone who has passed? Why or why not?

Do  you welcome or shun this new way of expressing continued caring?

Mourning becomes electric: Tech changes the way we grieve. By Laura Patrecca. In USA Today 5-20-12

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