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Useful things that I have learned this past week.

Posted Jan 19 2013 10:12am
Tablets are flipping frustrating to type on. Inadvertent finger twitches cause the thing to go crazy. I never realized that I had inadvertent finger twitches before.

Cara thinks that  "Soft Kitty" song is a cure all for all frustrations , but I find that it's got its limitations. Fer instance, when one has discovered that she has inadvertent finger twitches. Then the song is just irritating. So stop singing it at me, Cara. Now.

There are worse things than a washer that is noisy when it spins. That would be a washer that is quiet because it no longer spins. But I have a new washer coming tomorrow. I haven't met it. Tim picked it out.

Bob commented that I've come a long way. You know, I think I have. There is a certainty that no matter what happens during the course of a day, at the end of that day, I will still be standing. I will go in, and I will try my best, and my best might not always be enough, but I will learn from the experience. Just like everyone else in this world.

Today is Cara's 23rd birthday, and she is home for the weekend. These days are rare and I do not take them for granted.

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