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UPDATE results of pleural fluid trickling in

Posted Nov 17 2012 4:44pm

Currently, we are still awaiting the results of the pleural fluid cultures plus blood cultures from both my port-a-cath and vein. So far, the couple of results from the pleural fluid are negative.

I am now running a fever again, so I am waiting for my usual treatment: Tylenol® and ice packs to place in the armpits. Such a treat.

I also have developed thrush in my mouth along with some sores, so they are ordering medicated mouthwash for me. And, I may have mentioned already, my hair is definitely falling out. All over the bedding, the floor, my food when I’m eating. I was not sure that I was going to shave it off this time as it is pretty short already, but I am not sure I can deal with these clumps of hair falling out everywhere. It is the usual issues with chemo causing the hair to fall out. I have been bald already, so it is not a really big deal to me except that I just had it cut and colored too long ago and hate to think I have to cut it off before it fades out. Priorities are a bit screwy, huh.

Marvin is recuperating a bit before coming by in a little while. I really miss him as his work schedule prevented him from visiting yesterday. Boo hoo.

Physical therapy came to work with me, but I did not do too well and had to return to the room after only a few steps down the hall. I am just a bit too weak, I guess, to walk the halls, especially without oxygen. I am back in the room getting ready to order lunch and nap for a while to recover after performing my great physical feats of strength and daring.

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