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update: neuropathy and brittle nails

Posted Feb 08 2010 12:00am

After a few weeks of drinking quinine–tonic water, which contains 40 mg quinine per 8 ounces–and taking vitamin B6, I am trying to decide whether I can detect a change. I think perhaps it has taken the severe edge off of the neuropathy, leaving my fingers and toes with only the tingling and numbness. The pain seems to have improved a bit. My fingers hurt when I make a claw and tap the clawed fingers against a flat surface. I have to keep my fingernails short because I can feel pain more with nail tapping when the tip of the nail extends beyond the fingertip. The shorter, the better, so I file them every couple of days or so.

The fingernails are now also discolored and a little misshaped. They are very, very dry and brittle. I am adding cuticle cream and oil to the entire nail. No more acrylics from the manicurist, just a little polish now and then to cover up my poor, sad nails. Interestingly, the nails are still growing as usual. At least, this is not painful, only cosmetic.

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