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UPDATE day 6 admit: rollercoaster ride continues

Posted Dec 05 2012 2:10pm

They planned to release me to home yesterday, but, apparently, they have decided to do one more procedure. I ate my breakfast with the plan that I would be going home today. As I was drinking my coffee, my nurse today came in and told me that I was now NPO (nothing by mouth) because I was to go for another procedure and, therefore, not going home today.

Apparently, that pocket of pus or whatever it is, as detected by CT scan, that is blocked off in my lung is causing my medical teams to rethink what they should do to rule out every last issue that might be causing my fevers and elusive infection. They have decided to insert a tube into that blocked-off area to try to extract something to test. This, presumably, will indicate whether that is the site of the mystery infection and cause of my fevers. If it is not, the diagnosis will be that the fevers are from the cancer tumors. Treatment for cancer fevers are simply treatment for the cancer.

The resident from the medical team has told me that I will have the procedure not today but tomorrow, so today I am able to eat until tonight as NPO is for eight hours before procedure. Today, I will be eating and, as often as possible, walking, and otherwise doing nothing more than biding my time until tomorrow. When they first told me I was not going home, I was very disappointed and even upset. Naturally, as I got used to the idea, it made more sense to me to try to exhaust every diagnostic procedure and then follow-up treatment to uncover a cause of my fevers. To go home and then have a problem again and return would be more of a hassle than staying here a bit longer to rule out possibilities.

I can say that I do feel better as my shortness of breath is nearly gone. I am trying to walk, but I need someone to walk with me as I cannot go unassisted, and it is hard to find staff free to do that. I walk back and forth in my room a bit, but I have to hold onto the wall, and they don’t really like that as it is not assisted and not as stable as when I use a walker. The swelling in my limbs is greatly reduced, so I can see visibly the changes resulting from my taking the Lasix®. They are also making adjustments to all my medications to ensure they are all optimal for what I need now.

So for now, I am here for at least another day. At least, weather-wise I am not missing much. We have had a series of uncharacteristically dreary and cool days with today being quite foggy. Maybe by the time I go home the sunshine will return.

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