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UPDATE day 3 admit–revised with good news

Posted Dec 02 2012 1:05pm

Thank you for the support here and at Facebook during this recent hospitalization. I have not been able to be on the computer much as my shortness of breath has limited my activity to the point of even sitting up in certain positions. I hope to catch up soon, however, with reading everything maybe even as soon as today.

See my addendum below.

This morning one of the doctors from my medical team informed me that I do in fact have some congestive heart failure. I will hear about it more and discuss it with the cardiologists. The medical team doctor seemed to think that my CHF was treatable and not severe. Of course, this is all off the top of the head from him, but I think he was trying to give me some good news after yesterday’s news that I had, what sounded to me like a dire diagnosis and prognosis of, congestive heart failure. It does not really sound good any way you say it. At least I do not have a blood clot in my lung, which was the other possibility ruled out by a CT scan with contrast.


The cardiologists just came to see me and said they had good news. My heart is pumping just fine, and I have no congestive heart failure. I am a little disconcerted that the medical residents gave me bad news based on criteria that the cardiologists said they do not use. They look at other criteria. They asked me who told me I had CHF, I told them, and they again reassured me that my heart is in good shape. I have to say I am doing the happy dance now. I even got up and walked to the restroom in my room without any shortness of breath. It was like a victory lap LOL. Dr. Allen, the cardiologist, said that I just had a lot of fluid in me, presumably from the loads of antibiotic treatments I had last time I was in that was accompanied with all sorts of fluid IVs. I am sure glad to be able to have some good news.

Speaking of which, they are giving me some vile smelling liquid to flush the contrast from my kidneys. It smells like rotten eggs, so they mask it by putting it in juice. The only juice that works for me is cranberry. I take the vial with half a cup of juice and then wash it down with a little more juice.

I have actually eaten some food this morning. Raisin bran with skim milk and some decaf coffee with creamer. My diet is so restricted for most of my other meals it is unpalatable, so yesterday i had about two bites of a dry tuna sandwich and some yogurt. Today they are adding an order for Glucerna so at least I can drink a meal when I can’t tolerate anything else.

The severe swelling in my legs has visibility diminished, so the Lasix is working to clear out the excess fluids from my body. No wonder I can breathe better this morning. The pressure around my lungs is less as I can sit in a little bit of a crunch and still breathe freely. I am anxious to try getting up and seeing how the shortness of breath with activity has improved.

They are still a bit puzzled about the fever that I ran last night. It seems that the bladder infection I have would not cause that, and I am still receiving the Vancomycin® for the port infection from before. I am taking Cipro® for the bladder infection. And yogurt to replace the good bacteria that the antibiotics tend to destroy

Because yesterday was so stressful, I went to bed last night around 11:30 with Ativan®, and, thanks to the wonderful night team, I slept until after five o’clock. I felt quite refreshed after the grogginess of the Ativan wore off. Good sleep in a hospital is a welcome treasure.

I don’t know of any other tests today, so I hope I can relax and maybe try to get out of bed more than just to the bedside potty. It is funny how one day can vary so much from the previous, so I am hoping that today is one of those days with a positive surprise of being able to move about without extreme shortness of breah.

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