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Update 03-26-2013 Break a leg, Donna.

Posted Mar 26 2013 10:33pm

Sorry I haven’t updated the post in the last couple of days. I spent the nights with Donna at the hospital and they block her blog.

Saturday Donna had problems with breathing. She could speak to me in short 2 or 3 word sentences. She was too out of breath. Not knowing what was going to happen in the next hours, I called her sisters so she could speak with them before she lost all her speech altogether. She had a great conversation with both of them, even tho she was limited.

After the phone calls, her breathing got worst. The doctor said that they needed to insert a tube in her to keep her breathing. If she didn’t she would pass-away.

I already knew Donna’s wishes but asked anyway what she wanted to do. She would not answer. She would answer anything else but that question. Then the doctor said that they could put a mask on her that would force her breathing. It would be very uncomfortable. We could try for awhile. She agreed.

They brought in a machine with the mask and put it on her. She didn’t like it at first but went with it. Donna would just about take anything you could throw at her. We agreed to try it for an hour. I wanted her to do it because I wanted her to make one more call to her niece. The mask would give her enough O2 for her to have the conversation. That worked and she got to speak to Debbie.

Afterwards she wore the mask for most of the night. Then we were informed that we needed to change rooms on a floor were her doctors were, so later that night she was moved to another room. After getting there they wee try to adjust the mask and she refused. They tried again to put it on her and she kept refusing, At that point I told them not to put it on. The I asked her did she want to stop wearing the mask, She let me know she didn’t want it anymore. That was a message to me that she had had enough. We had talked about this.

It wan’t long before Donna was out and not really responding much. The medical team put on meds to make her comfortable. From then on she slept, only waking briefly when they would turn her in the bed.

That went on until this morning. The doctors did their morning rounds and when they got to her room, I asked how long would she be that way. They said probably days. Later another doctor came by and I asked him the same thing and his answer was also probably days.

Sometime around 10am, her friends and co workers came  by to see her. They each went up to her and touched her. I told them it was ok to talk to her. She can hear them. So the all came up to her and were all talking and laughing. Talking about old times when they worked with her. After some time Donna started making little noises like she did when one of the medical staff talked to her. I think she was responding to her girlfriends. The one suggested we pray for her and we held her hands and made a circle. We prayed for her. Five minutes later, Donna stopped breathing thru her mouth and was breathing thu her nose. I went to her so see what was going on. I asked her if she was ok. Then I got the nurse. The nurse told me she was going. I held her and told her it was ok to go. I told her I love her and it’s ok to see her mother.


Then she went.

With friends there and so peaceful. Donna being Donna, went on her own time.

She put on those tap shoes and danced into the light. She is showing God and the angels all the great dance steps.

Break a leg, Donna. I love you.


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