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two days past chemo

Posted Oct 31 2012 11:25pm

Another day of rest after Monday’s chemo though I felt like I should want to be up and about. The thought is there, at least, even though my body is still tired. I slept less today than yesterday, so I suppose that is a bit of an improvement. My fever was the usual pain in the neck, so I keep an eye on it while drinking my required liquids and taking my temperature throughout the day. It is in the lower 100s until middle of the afternoon, and then it seems to increase in the late afternoon and early evening. Tonight it went up to 101.4, but Tylenol® reduced it fairly quickly for a change so I did not need to use ice. I hope this will ease up soon.

I hope my friends on the east coast who were affected by hurricane Sandy are receiving some relief by now and able to get to places that have electricity. Too many are still without services and not expected to see a change for several more days. My heart goes out to everyone who has been affected by this terrible storm.

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