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Posted Sep 11 2009 2:12pm
Today started out like pretty much any other day. I had taken the day off to burn up some 'comp time'. It started out with the newspaper, my regular breakfast of an 'everything' bagel with two cups of coffee. Then Tim and I went down to the woods and cut up and loaded a large maple that had blown down in the recent wind. We don't need the wood. We've got this year's, and next year's, and we've got wood stacked for the year after that. So no, we don't need this, but when a good maple blows down, you don't let it go to waste. I had planned to go to Bradford to apply for a job. I had planned to pick up post cards for Stevie's great post card swap. I was supposed to spend the afternoon helping Tim install kitchen counters in Nancy's kitchen, do some 'mudding' for the drywall in Nancy's new bathroom. Then home. Cara is coming home. She says that I can do her laundry for old time's sake. I had my day all planned out.
What I did not plan on was finding a large lump in my breast while taking a shower. What I did not plan on was hearing the doctor say that I should not wait to be seen. I did not plan on this at all.
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